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Digital Literacy

Do you need help learning how to use your electronic devices? Digital Literacy is a course designed to empower someone who is new to the use of the latest devices or who feels they need to improve their basic computer skills in today’s digital age. Because technology is advancing at a rapid pace, it can be difficult to stay up to date with the many ways computers and mobile devices are used. You will learn how to type and edit documents, send emails, and manage your computer files. From learning about the components of a computer to learning how to use the most common software and apps, this course will prepare anyone with the necessary skills to succeed in today’s ever-changing digital workforce.

Course Overview

  In this course we will learn:

  •   Technology Basics (Hardware & Software)

  •   Basic Computer Care & Maintenance

  •   Proper Keyboard Typing Techniques

  •   Using Different Operating Systems

  •   Digital Citizenship & Information Management

  •   Common Storage Options (Physical & Cloud-based)

  •   Internet Hardware, Safety and Security

  •   Content Creation & Collaboration

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